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Strategy of Internationalization

The key direction of DNU’s international cooperation is its integration into the European educational space, providing its experts with quality assurance and training due to the best world universities’ standards, intensive cooperation with foreign HEI’s in joint research activities, cultural exchanges etc.

The purpose is to form the effective tools of DNU’s cooperation and its departments with its international partners, such as the leading educational and researching institutions; to implement the innovative methods of organizing an educational process and conducting scientific researches; to shape the premises, principles and opportunities for exporting its educational services and scientific achievements.

The background:
• Enhancement of DNU’s international cooperation through the effective implementation of bilateral and multilateral agreements with foreign universities and research institutions;

• DNU’s active participation in applying for and implementing international educational and scientific projects within the intergovernmental agreements and ones of European Commission’s framework;

• coordination of efforts together with foreign partner universities to increase the programs of two (double) diplomas;

• wide involvement of invited foreign expert for participation in the educational process and conducting researches;

• widening the number of foreign language taught courses for attracting foreign students’ pool;

• the intensive exchange of students, researchers and teaching staff within academic mobility and joint researching projects;

• intensive DNU’s informational promotion through joining to the international data bases, rating systems, associations etc;

• conducting international scientific conferences, seminars, workshops with specially invited international experts;

• organizing and conducting language summer schools for partner universities’ students;

• active cooperation with the international organizations, funding organizations for supporting academic mobility for DNU’s students, researchers and teaching staff;

• conducting marketing surveys of European and world educational space, searching and implementing effective mechanisms of exporting the own educational and scientific achievements, enhancing DNU’s integration into the world and European educational and scientific and researching spaces through implementing joint scientific programs, projects, and implementing innovative systems of teaching experts in the fields of innovative and project management with the high level of scientific mobility.