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Investment Projects

Automatic system of control of multilayer elements in aerospace constructions on the basis of holographic interferometry methods

Anode for chromium-plating

Biological feasibility study of the use of quarry reservoirs for commercial breeding of fine species of fish (trout, sturgeon, etc.)

Vibratory unloader of frozen materials)

Application of containers for toxic chemical waste (pesticides, herbicides) storage, as well as for low- and middle-energy radioactive waste

High-efficiency deoxidizers-modifiers for treating steel melts and alloys and their production

Plants introduction in the settlements gardening

Ion-plasma Method of Obtaining High-adhesive Layer-free Homogeneous Films Based on Noble Metals and Immiscible Component Systems

The Use of Self-contained Steam Generating Complexes as an Alternative to Distant Heating

Reforestation Of Coal And Metal Mined Lands

New Technology For Microwave Rapid Quality Diagnostic Of Liquids With Small Values And Loss Tangent ≤ 1

New pharmacologically active frame compounds. Synthesis, in vivo and in vitro activity

Determination of microelements’ balance in biological objects to analyze human health state

Galvanic production sewage treatment

Steam and heat generators for industrial and household usage

Pyrophosphate electrolyte for galvanic precipitation of multifunctional brass surfaces

Getting commercial microbial preparations for the national economy

Standing Model of Anthropogenic Natural Landsliding Risky Slope

Production of antifriction components of friction couples with multifunctional composite metals for nodes-media of spacecraft and aviation engineering

Production of waterspray aluminum alloys powders and items made of these powders production

The production of cutting tools and devices of powdered high-speed steel

The germ-origin biological products obtaining and adopting for the agriculture patterns design

Rock mining technology development and forest biogeocenosis creation in the process of the soil disturbed by mining industry revegetation

The development of the technology of nickelizing of current distributors made of aluminium and its alloys

The development of the technology of dissolution of platinum catalysts by physical methods

Development of technology of electrochemical removal of platinum group metals from processing mediums

The system of liquid fuels emulsification

The system of emulsification of reduced fuel oil

Formation of production of hard alloy materials and coatings, containing boron

The Performance capability of electrolytes developed in SRL of metal plating

Anthropogenic-and-natural geological risk of industrial urban agglomeration(on the example of Dnipropetrovsk)

The techniques of the crystalline ß –carotene extraction from the biomass of the Blakeslea trispora fungus

The technology of the diffusion welded joints obtaining of dissimilar metals and nonmetallic materials

Express analysis of soils

Physiological principles of criteria for the choice and methods of renewal in culture of new species of arboreous plants

Zinc coatings from alkaline electrolytes with the LV-4584 and LV-8490 additives

Ecological estimation of the environmental pollution of objects by heavy metals

Gas fuel saving. System of combustion intensification (SCI)

Electrolytes for galvanized coating with extra corrosion resistance

Electrolytes for copper coating of printed circuit boards