Версія для друку

Administrative-Economic Department

Administrative-economic department

Administrative-economic department and its services force to create appropriate conditions for the educational process, provide all energetic resources to the heads of all buildings, dormitories, special-purposed buildings – 103 units, area of which makes 200958 square meters and occupies 76,9 hectares.

According to the materials of the buildings’ inspection the monitoring services, ETB specialists and certain specialized companies every year perform plans for major and minor overhauls, ways of alert conditions removal.

The services of the chief mechanic, chief power engineering specialist, repair-and-renewal operations, scientific-production workshops work on in-line and preventive repairs and preparation for buildings’ functioning in winter.

During the last 5 years a complete overhaul of the Scientific library, the 1st building, the 4th dormitory has been done.

The Block of lecture halls is to be completed.

The governing body:
The vice-dean on administrative-economic work: Ruzhyn M.M., tel.:374-98-06
The chief engineer: Ivanov D.M., tel.: 374-98-46
The head: Serbulov B.O., tel.: 374-98-47
The chief mechanic: Libutskyi O.M., tel.: 760-84-69
The chief power engineering specialist: Polianskyi E.M., tel.:374-98-45.
The head of security: Tsymbal V.V., tel.: 374-98-11.
The head of DDB: Zhyzhko K.P., tel.: 760-84-68.
The leading engineer on vehicle operation: Zubtsov E.M., tel.: 373-12-50.