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International Projects And Programs

One of the most effective directions of international activity of DNU is the execution of international projects and programs on the holding of common scientific researches. Nowadays 7 international projects are realized in DNU:

  1. TEMPUS project № 26193_2005 “Crisis analysis and making decisions in Ukraine” Terms of realization: 3 years. Financial part for Dnipropetrovs’k national university constitutes: € 93 570, 00
      Members of the consortium:
    • University of Stuttgart | (Germany) – grantholder;
    • University «La Sapienza» (Rome, Italy);
    • Dnipropetrovs’k national university (Dnipropetrovs’k, Ukraine) – coordinator;
    • Kyiv international university (Kyiv, Ukraine);
    • Tavria national university (Simpheropol, Ukraine);
    • Ternopil state economic university (Ternopil, Ukraine).

    Goal of the project:
    The goal of the project is to work out the training programs for masters on the specialization “Analysis of crisis situations and making decisions”. In this project instructors of the social-humanitarian department of DNU have passed in-depth training in the university of Rome on specificity, methodology of holding lessons for training masters according to European standards. Moreover, university got technology and the resource centre on master training was equipped on the basis of social-humanitarian department of DNU.
    According to the program of masters embracing 3-4 terms10 students were trained in 2007-2008, the same training is supposed to take place in 2008-2009.

  2. “Working out of the strategy of international mobility of Ukrainian students with the usage of ECTS possibilities” (2007-2008). This project is the continuation of TEMPUS project “Ukraine net of regional consultation councils of European credit – module system”.
    Terms of realization :1 year
      Members of consortium:
    • Dresden technical university (Dresden, Germany) – grantholder;
    • Roskilde University (town of Roskilde, Dane);
    • National aviation university (Kyiv, Ukraine);
    • Dnipropetrovs’k national university (Dnipropetrovs’k, Ukraine);
    • Ivano-Frankivs’k national university of petroleum and gas (Ivano-Frankivs’k, Ukraine);
    • Institute of enterprising and modern technologies (Zhytomyr, Ukraine);
    • L’viv national agriculture university (L’viv, Ukaine);
    • National polytechnic university “Kharkiv polytechnic institute”;
    • Odessa national academy of telecommunications (Odessa, Ukraine);
    • Tavria national university (Simpheropol, Ukraine);
    • Vinnytsia National Technical University (Vinnytsia, Ukraine);
    • Zaporizhia National University (Zaporozhia, Ukraine) – coordinator.
    Goal of the project:
    Working out and issuing of “Instructions on realization of opportunities of international mobility of Ukrainian students”.
  3. The program «Erasmus Mundus» is going on.
    This program is for the term of three years and is fully financed by the European Union. The consortium consists of ten universities from the countries of former CIS (six – from Ukraine, two – from Belorussia and two from Moldova) and ten universities from the countries of the European Union. The program gives the opportunities to the students to study in the European university partner for two terms. Students that have already obtained basic higher education are able to get European master diploma after studying abroad. Post-graduate students will prepare dissertations in the partner-university for twelve months. Staff, scientific staff can have in-depth training or perform scientific or methodological project for 1 -6 months depending from the project.
    In 2007-2008 a group of DNU students of social-humanitarian, mechanic-mathematical, economic departments and department of applied mathematics (6 students) have passed a study course in the universities of Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Litva and the Netherlands. Under this program 1 post-graduate student and 5 teachers of DNU were sent to study, train and undertake scientific researches in the universities of Italy, Spain, Poland and Turkey.
    In June 2008 in Kyshyniv (Moldova) a meeting of screening committee of the consortium of this program was held. Our students and teachers won most of the grants on studying and training during 2008-2009 in the universities-members of the consortium: 10 scholarships - for study on the 3d course; 6 scholarships – for study in MA course; 3 scholarships – for study in post-graduate course; 2 scholarships – for scientists; 3 scholarships – for the staff of DNU.
  4. The project “Regional study and development of consultive possibilities in Ukraine” is successfully being continued (partner – University Mac Gill, Montreal, Canada). This project is realized by the consortium of HEE (higher educational establishments) of Ukraine and is supposed to organize new forms of graduate education in DNU, aimed at short termed training of the representatives of small and medium-sized business of Prydniprovs’k region.
    Goal of the project:
    Establishment at every university consulting service center for the needs of the region.
    In the frames of the project the representatives of the University Mac Gill were invited to DNU for the training studies and educational seminars on the chartered subjects.
    The financing of the electronic library is expected – 10 000 Canadian dollars, equipments – 4 000 can. dollars.
  5. NATO program “Security due to Science”
    Terms of realization: 2007-2009
    Goal of the project:
    Investigation of the environmental pollution and analysis of the changes of surface plant lipids affected by the harmful substances, identification of the scale and trends of these changes and realization the place of the direct inclusion of the pollutants into the superficial lipids.
    In this project the treaty on scientific cooperation between DNU and Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research (Leipzig, Germany) has already been signed.
  6. Project under the treaty between DNU and Middle East technical university (Ankara, Turkey).
    Goal of the project:
    Common working out, projecting and producing with state construction agency “Pivdenne” of micro fluid rocket thruster for aero cosmic air crafts.
    Term of realization: 2008
    For the realization of this project the training of Turkish students, post-graduates and scientific staff of the corresponding specialization is supposed. The training is planned to be hold in the process of common working out, projecting and producing of the demonstrative model of the real product.
  7. Project “New pharmacologically active framed superstructures”
    Terms of realization: 2 years
    Goal of the project:
    Working out of the methods of synthesis of new potentially biologically active framed combinations.
    In 2007 DNU joined the international project “Biostrat” as the only representative of Ukraine. This project deals with the exchange of experience of the best achievements in the work of national platforms on preserving biodiversity (Bioplatform).