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Faculty of Biology, Ecology and Medicine

24, Kazakova str., 17 facility of DNU 
35, D.Yavornytsky Ave, 4 facility of DNU 
Dean's office phone: +38 (056) 760-84-38
E-mail: dekanat.bef@i.ua
Faculty of Biology, Ecology and Medicine, building №17

Historical Background

Faculty of Biology comes from physics and mathematics faculty of Ekaterinoslav Higher Courses for Women, which in 1918 was reorganized into Ekaterynoslav University. Physics and Mathematics faculty of the University was the basis for the formation of biological faculty of the university.

In 1992, thanks to significant contributions to the development of biological faculty by the scientists of bio-ecological studies, the Biology faculty was renamed into the Bio-ecological faculty, and since 2009 - into the Faculty of Biology, ecology and medicine.

Faculty of biology, ecology and medicine in eight departments, educational and scientific complex "Aquarium", Zoological Museum, vivarium, Herbarium, Botanical Garden, biological station, together with the Institute of Biology - is a center of educational, scientific and cultural work with biological and environmental trends in Dnipropetrovsk region.

There are 8 chairs at the faculty, they all run educational proccess related with students' majoring (according to the profile of the chair): general biology and aquatic biological resources, human and animal physiology,  physiology  and plant introduction, microbiology and virology, biochemistry and biophysics, zoology and ecology, geobotany, soil and environment, clinical laboratory diagnostics.

The educational proccess at the Faculty is provided by 86 teachers, including 23 professors, 64 associate professors  6 senior lecturers and 14 assistants. Among them there are members of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 15 academicians and corresponding members of the social sciences. 5 professors were awarded with the honorary title "Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine."

At the time being there are currently: 573 students majoring in the "Biology" direction, 136 - "Ecology", 166 - "Laboratory Diagnostics".

Management of the Faculty

Acting Dean - Dr. of biologicalsciences, prof. Severynovska Elena, head of the biological section of Pridneprovsk Scientific Center of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
Deputy Dean for Academics - Candidate of biological sciences Masuk Alexander.
Deputy Dean for Research - Dr. of biological sciences, prof. Lyholat Yuri.
Dean of organizational and educational work - Candidate of biological sciences Komarov Olexander Serhiyovych.
Deputy Dean for International Cooperation - Candidate of biological sciences Gasso Victor Yakovych.
Dean of the "Ecology" Department  - Candidate of biological sciences Bobylyov Yuri Petrovych.

Structural Subdivisions