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DNU Student Set a New Swimming World Record

Andriy Govorov, student of Faculty of Social Sciences and International Relations in DNU, the titled swimmer recently has set a new world record at 50 meters distance of a butterfly. It took place at Sette Colli Trophy competitions in Rome.

In the final of the competitions Andriy showed the time of 22.27 seconds. So he has surpassed the previous world record on 0.16 seconds. On the way to his victory and to the highest world result, Ukrainian man has bypassed Benjamin Proud, British man, the current champion of the world.

Former world record in 50 meters distance of a butterfly had lasted for 9 years. In 2009, it was set by Spaniard Rafael Muňoz, who finished with the time in 22.43 seconds. At that time the winner has commented: "This is the history! I left my mark on it. I'm really happy to show something special. Honestly, in recent years I have been practicing a free style. But in these competitions, I missed the distance of 50 meters of free style because I was overloaded. During this challenging period, I decided to swim of a butterfly, although I did not train the butterfly.

Currently, the distance of 50 meters is not included in the Olympic program.

Notably, Andriy Govorov is already a two-time champion of Youth Olympic Games in Singapore, as well as a multiple champion and prize winner of the World and Europe among juniors.

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