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EU Ambassador to Ukraine Jan Tombinski: "One can look at everything from the positions of chance, or - from the positions of risk"

At the competence center of Dnipropetrovsk National University there has taken place a teleconference of EU Delegation to Ukraine. The conference was attended by EU Ambassador, Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine Jan Tombinski and representatives of the Ukrainian Academy of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine in Sumy.

The teleconference was held as a part of the campaign "Building Europe in Ukraine", organized with the support of the EU Information Centre in Dnipropetrovsk and Sumy. DNU coordinator Irina Sova represented the European Union Center at the University and the students and teachers of the Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Social Sciences and International Relations. "Information Center of the European Union at DNU was opened in October 2007 - said Irina Sova. - One of our goals is to disseminate information on the European Union, we see significant interest to the European integration among students, graduate students, our university and our city schools. Regularly our center organizes "round tables" for students where theyare involved in the debates on European issues. "

During the satellite connection Mr. Tombinski spoke about the current state of relations between the EU - Ukraine and the prospects of further cooperation on the implementation of the Association Agreement. "Less than ten days separate us from the Association Agreement - solemnly said Jan Tombinski. - It involves new obligations for the EU to effectively help Ukraine. We need to realize that the European Union - is primarily an instrument to make the best use of opportunities and potential. Today Ukraine could be the state, helping others, and does not ask them for help. For its potential, Ukraine could make it a powerful competitive country. So today under the Association Agreement raises the question of how to use the experience of European countries to this potential. I was very interested in information that 30% of Ukrainian senior technical professions chosen for further study. In the EU, the figure is 7%. Therefore, Ukraine has a huge opportunity to put its economy in new ways. The second potential associated with the latest technologies. We see the fantastic success of Ukrainian citizens working in international companies. Why they do not work in Ukrainian companies that sell their products? The agricultural sector deserves much attention as well. Over the past six months, Ukrainian exports to the EU increased by 24%: Ukraine can be very specialized country if we consider these possibilities in the context of new technologies", - highlited Ambassador.

"I'm saying all these things in view of the fact that everything can be seen from the positions of chance, or - from the positions of risk - continued Jan Tombinski. - Of course, there are always risks. Ukraine needs many reforms. Any reform is a permanent change. So we all see the future, we see why these changes are needed. But if we do not start to move in that direction to Europe, no positive results will ever come. This is my message of you. "

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