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Department of Ukrainian Language

Gagarin ave, 72, corps 1, aud. 1309
Tel.: + 38 (056) 374-98-85
E-mail: kafedra_um@i.ua

The Head of the Department is Korolyova Valeriya Volodymyrivna, Doctor of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor.

Teaching staff:
Horpynych Volodymyr Oleksandrovych, doctor of philological sciences, professor;
Popova Iryna Stepanivna, doctor of philological sciences, professor;
Golikova Natalia Serhiivna, doctor of philological sciences, associate professor;
Bilousova Olga Ivanivna
, candidate of philological sciences, associate professor;
Zaitseva Viktoriya Vjyatsheslavivna, candidate of philological sciences, associate professor;
Kovalchuk Mykola Savelievich, сandidate of philological sciences, associate professor; 
Levun Nina Vitaliivna, candidate of philological sciences, associate professor;
Mayboroda Natalia Hryhorivna, candidate of philological sciences associate professor;
Rybalka Yaroslava Ivanivna, candidate of philological sciences, associate professor;
Shevchenko Tetyana Vasylivna, candidate of philological sciences, associate professor;
Yaremchuk Natalia Serhiivna, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor;
Samoylenko Valeria Victorivna, assistant of Ukrainian language department.

V All-Ukrainian Scientific Conference «Культура мови в українському суспільстві»,

At the Department disciplines are taught: "Modern literary Ukrainian", "History of Ukrainian (as well as in literary)", "Dialectology of Ukrainian", "Historical lexicology", "Methodology of teaching of Ukrainian", practical "Work from methodology of teaching of Ukrainian", "Scientific bases of school grammar", "Sociolinguistics", "Linguistic analysis of text", "Ukrainian after professional aspiration", "Stylistic and culture of Ukrainian speech", "Orthographic and orthoepical practical work from Ukrainian", "Morphonology of Ukrainian", "Language of the information carriers of the modern city", "System relations in a word-formation", "Problems of modern grammar as sciences", "Basic directions of modern linguistic researches", "Gender linguistics", "Communicative linguistics", "Methodology and organization of scientific researches", "Methodology of teaching of professional disciplines at higher school", "Modern syntactic theories", "Out-of-school work on the Ukrainian language", "The formation of communicative competence of students at the Ukrainian language lessons", "Culture of language and style of Ukrainian professional language", "Speech сompetence formation of professionally oriented personality".

The Department works on the study of dynamic processes in a vocabulary and grammar of Ukrainian, that consists in the research of syntactic structure of Ukrainian, lingually-expressive means of literary work of the Ukrainian writers, research of dramaturgic works in a communicative-pragmatic aspect, analysis of dynamic processes of semantics development of the word.

The results of scientific researches can be published in collections "Research from lexicology and grammar of Ukrainian" and "Ukrainian sense" that marked in a list of the Department of Education and Science of Ukraine as to the profession.

Doctoral studies function at the Department of Ukrainian, the workers of higher and secondary educational institutions serve internship.

Students annually participate in All-Ukraine olympiads, become prizewinners and laureates. The scientific achievements they can publish in the collection of materials of annual final conference of the students "Youth wants understanding of the word" and "Philological sciences".   

At the Department are working two student scientific groups – the "Linguistic studios" (scientific leader – cand. of philol. sciences, associate professor Y.І.Rybalka) and "Philologist" (scientific leader – doctor of philol. sciences, associate professor V.V. Korolyova).