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Department of Marketing and International Management

Address: 35, D. Yavornitsky Ave., Dnipro, bldg. 5 DNU, room. 46a, 50
Email: dnu_vz@ukr.net

The Head of the Department is Natalia Meshko, Doctor of Economics, Professor.

The Department prepares competitive management and marketing specialists in the labor market who have modern economic thinking, creative skills, relevant competences necessary for effective innovation activity in enterprises of all types of ownership and types of economic activity in a dynamic economic environment.

The educational process is provided by: 5 Doctors of Economics, 7 Candidates of Sciences, 3 Senior Lecturers, 3 Assistants, 2 Stakeholders, 2 Engineers, 1 Senior Laboratory Assistant.

The Department of Marketing and International Management is a graduate of two levels of higher education and provides training for specialists:

- Specialty 073 Management:
first (bachelor) level – educational programs:
– International Management
– Management of Organizations
– Human Resources Management
second (master's) level – educational programs:
– High Technology Management
– International Management
– Personnel Management and Labor Economics
– Business Administration
– Management of Educational Institution

- Specialty 075 Marketing
first (bachelor) level – educational program: Marketing
second (master's) level – educational program: Marketing
Graduates of the Department of Management and Travel Business

 The scientific activity of the Department is focused on the following areas:
1. Management of foreign economic activity of enterprises;
2. Management of investment activity;
3. Innovation management;
4. International management;
5. Economics of high-tech enterprises;
6. Management of scientific research: theory and practice;
7. Transfer and commercialization of the research activities results of scientific and pedagogical staff;
8. Innovation potential management mechanism;
9. Innovative development of world economies in the conditions of globalization;
10. Corporate Governance: Worldwide experience and mechanism for involvement investment;
11. International tourism;
12. Economic security of tourism sphere of Ukraine in the conditions of globalization;
13. Development of marketing system of tourism services;
14. Competitiveness of the national economy on the basis of educational potential;
15. Methodology of marketing strategy formation of industrial enterprises;
16. Innovative, scientific and educational potential at different levels of the Ukrainian economy;
17. Innovative marketing mechanism;
18. Logistics marketing;
19. Environmental marketing.
International Activities

In accordance with a program approved with the Ministry of Education of Germany, between Oles Honchar DNU and the University of Applied Sciences in Mittweid (Germany), the best economics students and managers of the Faculty of Economics have the opportunity to obtain a bachelor's degree in both states as Ukraine and Germany after 4 years of study.

The Department is working upon the program for students of the Faculty of Economics, according to which they have the opportunity to get a German bachelor's and master's degree, studying at the DNU. Currently 87 students of Oles Honchar DNU have already completed or have been undertaking a program of cooperation with the University of Mittweida.

The student exchange program with the University of Le Mans (France) continues to act. Students of economic specialties enrolled in the master's program have the opportunity to participate in a double diploma program operating between Oles Honchar DNU and the University of Le Mans, and if it is successful, to obtain a diploma of both DNU and the French master's degree. Currently, 25 students of DNU Oles Honchar have already completed a course of training at the University of Le Mans.