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Department of Computer Technologies

Phone: 46-10-97 
E-mail: kkt_fpm@ukr.net

The head of Department is Nataliya Anatoliivna Huk, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor, member of specialized academic senates К 08.051.09 in «Mathematical modeling and numerical methods» specialty and D 08.051.10 in «Solid mechanics» specialty. N.A. Guk’s scientific studies are devoted to the investigations of non-linear and inverse mechanics problems solving and to the development of inverse problem method for mathematical models selection in thin-walled constructions. Over 140 academic works have been published as the results of scientific research, among them 1 monograph, 5 tutorials and 9 patents in Ukraine.

Current Department consists of DSc in Physics and Mathematics, prof. V. E. Bilozorov, PhD in Physics and Mathematics L. V. Voloshko, PhD in Engineering Sciences, ass.prof. P. A. Dziuba, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, ass. prof. V. G. Zaitsev, PhD in Engineering Sciences, ass. prof. Т. А. Zaitseva, PhD in Engineering Sciences, ass. prof. K. E. Zolotko, PhD in Engineering Sciences, ass. prof. M. E. Serdiuk, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, ass. prof. O. L. Khyzha, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, ass.prof. M. M. Yasko, teacher, the head of educational office DNU О. V. Verba, teacher D. V. Krasnoshapka, teacher, deputyde an AMF in organizational and educational work S. F. Siryk, teacher N. I. Stepanova, assistant N. M. Lysytsia.

Students of the Department get bachelor, specialist and master degrees in 122 Computer Science and Computer Technology specialties. Among them a lot of students who won and became prize-winners of Ukrainian student programming competitions.

Graduate school in “Mathematical modeling and numerical methods” specialty has been opened at the department. Main scientific studies are conducted by scholars in the field of “Investigations of mathematical models of physical processes with the help of identification and recurrent analysis methods with using of informational technologies”.

Department keeps academic and educational connections with higher education establishments of Ukraine, CIS and Western Europe. The best students of specialty have the opportunity to get diploma of European standard within student exchange program «Erasmus Mundus – External Cooperation Window».