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Department of Calculating Mathematics and Mathematical Cybernetics

Chair of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Cybernetics
Phone: +38(056)745-14-11

Head: Prytomanova O.M. – PhD of economics, Associate Professor.

The teaching staff.
E.M. Kiseleva - Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Academy of Sciences of Higher School of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Science and Technology, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics DNU, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor, Obodan N.I. – Dr. of Phys. and Math., Prof., Guk N.A. – Dr. of Phys. and Math., Prof., Boiko L. T. – PhD of Phys. and Math., Ass. Prof., Turchina V. A. – PhD of Phys. and Math., Ass. Prof., Nakonechnaya T.V. – PhD of Phys. and Math., Ass. Prof., Gromov V.A. -. PhD of Phys. and Math., Ass. Prof., Kuzenkov A.A. – PhD of Phys. and Math., Ass. Prof., Sheveleva A.E. – PhD of Phys. and Math., Ass. Prof., Hart L.L. – PhD of Phys. and Math., Ass. Prof., Firsova (Shevchenko) T. A. – PhD of Phys. and Math., Ass. Prof., Govorukha V. B. – Dr. of Phys. and Math., Prof., Lozovskaya L. I. – PhD of Phys. and Math., Ass. Prof., Khudaya Zh.V. – PhD of Phys. and Math., Ass. Prof., Dovgay P.A. - Senior Lecturer, Shumelchyk K I. – instructor, Magas A. S. - instructor.

Educational activities. The chair trains bachelors, specialists and masters in the maijor "Systems and methods of decision-making" (bachelorship programme "Systems Analysis"). The students re-ceive quality training both in basic disciplines (calculus, fundamentals of programming and algo-rithmic languages, etc.) and in special ones related to their future work (software intelligence sys-tems, decision theory, neural networks, and so on). Employment of graduates is possible in banks, commercial companies, in the structures of administrative and economic nature, IT- companies, and etc.

Scientific activity. The chair has two famous scientific schools led by Corr. Member NASU E. M. Kiseleva and Professor N.I. Obodan. The chair operates a research laboratory: Optimization of complex systems under the guidance of Corr. Member NASU E.M. Kiseleva. The chair operates a specialized Scientific Council for PhD theses in two specialties 01.05.01 - theoretical foundations of computer science and cybernetics, 01.05.02 - mathematical modeling and computational methods (Chairman of the Board - Corr. Member NASU, Dr. of Phys. and Math., Professor E. M. Kiseleva). Every year since 2003 at the chair held an international scientific-practical conference "Mathematical and software of intelligent systems" and produced a special journal “Problems of Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling".

International projects.
The chair has scientific relations with national and international institutions, in particular, carries out scientific cooperation with Princeton University and Florida University. There are conducted joint researches with Prof. Melnikov (University Tenshi), the exchange of scientific information is made with Prof. Boris Shafir (Boston), the contacts with Prof. Korlea G. (University of Texas) on joint research of continuous problems of optimal partitioning sets are established.

Student life. Chair’s students actively participate in public life as a faculty member of the student council, the press center of the department, help in conducting various competitions and activities, they are active participants in the Olympiad movement and scientific conferences at various levels, including International.