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Department of Social Work

Yavornytsky avenue, 35, building 4, 1-2 floors 
Phone: + 3 (056) 372-58-81; + 3 (056) 372-58-70;
E-mail: ssr.dnu@gmail.com

The Head of the Department is Osetrova Oksana Oleksandrivna, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor.

Educational degrees:
• first (bachelor’s) degree – duration of study is 3 years 10 months
• accelerated bachelor program – duration of study is 2 years 10 months
• second (master's) degree – duration of study is 1 year 4 months

Since the foundation of the Department, the leading idea of close cooperation of the University with executive bodies in the training of specialists of the new generation in accordance with the tasks and functions of social protection workers has been implemented. For the first time the following disciplines were introduced in curriculum: Social Work in community, Suicidology, Healthy Lifestyle Formation, Family Studies, Social Work with Different Groups of Clients, Economics and Marketing of Social Work, Self-organization of the Personality, Social Prevention and other disciplines of social, psychological, legal, economic, philosophical, managerial, and pedagogical directions.

In September 2012 at the Department of Social Work The Social Worker School «I Want to Know How ...? » was launched. The purpose of the School is to strengthen the professional guidance of the students, to motivate them for the future professional activities and to give them the opportunity to improve their professional knowledge and skills.

In December 2012 the study of possibilities for reducing the quantitative indicators of suicide among pupils and students in Dnipro region has launched. We started the work on improving the skills of social workers as trainers for the preparation of candidates for foster parents and parents-caregivers of family-type orphanages.

The All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conferences on topical issues of theory and practice of social work are held on the basis of the Department.

Students of the specialty «Social Work» take an active part in scientific, sport, cultural life of the university, show high academic results. Among them are the participants of the scholarship programs of the President of Ukraine and of Mykhailo Hrushevsky. Our students regularly visit boarding schools, children's shelters and other residential institutions; participate in trainings and workshops on improving volunteering skills.

Activities devoted to the First-Year Student Day, the Faculty Day and the professional holiday of welfare specialists have become a good tradition at our Department.

Graduates of the Department work in:
- State institutions of Social Welfare and Pension Insurance of the population;
- Departments for Family and Youth affairs, Children's services;
- Centers of Social Services for Family, Children and Youth;
- Employment centers;
- State and non-state social services for different categories of the population;
- International charitable foundations;
- Other institutions and organizations that use social management technologies.