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Department of Politology

Phone: +38 (056) 374-98-67
E-mail: kafpol@ukr.net

The Head of the Department is Tretyak Olexiy Anatoliyovich, candidate of political sciences, docent.

Department of Political Science was founded in December 1964. Since 1991, it became one of the first graduating political science departments in the independent Ukraine.

Development of the Political Science Department is associated with the processes of institutionalization of political science in Ukraine, increasing the relevance of the professional knowledge of political science in the society, strengthening of international contacts between political scientists.

Research and teaching staff of the DNU Political Science Department at the present has 4 doctors of sciences, professors and 14 associate professors. Political Science students show progress in the all-Ukrainian political science contests and competitions. They have a significant number of scientific publications.

Since 2007, the Department of Political Science organized and conducted more than 15 scientific and scientific-practical conferences. In 2012 and 2013 on the base Department of Political Science have been held All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in political science.

Within the international cooperation Oles Honchar DNU was visited by three delegation of political scientists from the Warsaw University. In 2013 and 2014 the Department of Political Science visited the famous Polish scientist, an honorary doctor of Oles Honchar DNU Josef Jerzy Wiatr.

Specialty of «Political science» is licensed and accredited for level IV, involving two-stage structure of the study:

The I level is the basic higher education, (duration 4 years), at the end of the graduate receives a BA in Political Science and the right to move to the next level;
The II level is complete higher education. After graduation graduate receives master's degree (duration 1.5 years) with the qualification «Political Scientist».

Entrance examinations are held on such subjects: «History of Ukraine» (external independent evaluation), «Ukrainian language» (external independent evaluation), «Foreign language» or «Geography» (external independent evaluation).

Licensed volume set on Political Science is as follows:
50 persons – the full-time training.
30 persons – at the part-time (distance) form of study.

Political science graduates has a wide range of applications.

In political activities: graduates receive skills and knowledge for consulting on social and political issues in political parties and public organizations, expert evaluation on social and political issues, political technologies, political management, political advertising and election campaigning;

In the field of media and analytical work profession graduates receive skills of policy analyst (researcher), political commentator, moderator of political programs on radio and TV.

Graduates also receive skills in public administration and local governing, issues of general governing competence;

In educational activities specialty involves professional skills of the teacher of the humanities in secondary and higher educational institutions.

During the training on the Political Science specialty, students receive a thorough theoretical and practical vocational training.

Highly qualified professors give lectures on the history of political doctrines, history of political science, political ideologies, political ethics, methodology, political studies, the general theory of politics, the theory of political systems, political psychology, ethnic politics, geopolitics, political regionalism, crathology, political elites and leadership, political technologies, elections and electoral systems, public administration and local governance, science of political parties, political communication, analysis, methods of teaching social and humanitarian disciplines, political consulting, political forecasting.

Professors of the Political Science Department teach the original courses on the theory of international relations and global studies, conflict resolution, political advertising, political risks, political management, social partnership policy.

After receiving a master's degree in political science graduate can continue education in postgraduate and get a degree of Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Science.