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Department of Philosophy

Phone: +38 (056) 374-98-71
E-mail: philosof@i.ua, victor7754@i.ua

The Head of the Department is Viktor Bronyslavovych Okorokov, PhD, professor.

The Department of Philosophy is one of the oldest in the university. It was founded in 1921 by the first elected rector of Katerynoslav University, professor Volodymyr Porfyriiovych Karpov: philosopher, biologist, and historian of science.

From 1991 to 2012 professor Petro Ivanovych Hnatenko, PhD, headed the Department. Since 2002 the Department has offered a philosophy major. In 2006 the first graduates received the bachelor’s degree in philosophy, and in 2007 the first master’s degree in philosophy was awarded.

From 2012 to 2014 professor Shevtsov Sergii Viktorovych, PhD, headed the Department. Under his supervision, the Department prepared for the offering in 2015 of the master’s degree in Religion. In 2016 the program for the bachelor’s degree with a major in Religion was started.

Since 2015 professor Viktor Bronyslavovych Okorokov, PhD, has headed the Department.

The Department has 23 teachers, including 5 PhD professors and 14 PhD associate professors.

The Department has created the following necessary conditions for creative growth:
– There are postgraduate and doctoral studies, as well as a specialized academic council to review candidates for doctoral dissertations on the specialties «History of Philosophy», «Social Philosophy» and «Philosophy of History»;
– Conferences, seminars, round tables are regularly held;
– High quality teaching of the philosophical disciplines are provided by the leading professors and assistant professors of the Department, who are the original lectures’authors.