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Department of Educational and Developmental Psychology

The Head of Department is Dysa Olena Viktorivna, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor.

Frolova N.М., Ph.D., associate professor;
Hrysenko N.V., Ph.D., associate professor;
Opykhailo О.B., Ph.D., associate professor;
Chetveryk-Burchak A.G., Ph.D., associate professor.

Throughout the history of the Faculty of Psychology (since 1989 up to the present moment) the Department had different names. Its first name “Department of Educational Psychology and the English Language” reflected the content of training students in two specialties: “Psychology. The English Language and Literature”.

The combination of two different types of professional training was carried out by teaching some Psychology courses in English, thus ensuring a high level of both English and Psychology proficiency. This is evidenced by the fact that some Department members are the graduates of the Faculty of Psychology who had the advanced curriculum in English.

In 2009, when training students in double specialties ended, the name of the Department was changed for "Department of General and Educational Psychology". The last name of the Department corresponds to the name of one of Psychology majors – “Educational and Developmental Psychology”. Since the establishment of the Department and up to the present moment it is headed by Doctor of Psychology, professor, corresponding member of NAPS of Ukraine E.L.Nosenko. The main achievement of the Department is the active training of highly qualified personnel through the postgraduate training program. Under the guidance of Head of the Department prof. Nosenko E.L. all the young Department members, now working as associate professors, defended PhD thesis – Frolova N. V., Bayer O.O., Hrysenko N.V., Hlushko О.I., Opykhailo О.B. and Chetveryk-Burchak A.G.

Consequently, the Department is 100% staffed by the members with academic degrees. The graduates of the postgraduate training program also work at other Departments and other Universities in Ukraine and abroad. The active scientific work of the Department is reflected in numerous monographs on the current issues of modern Psychology, educational and methodological manuals and publications both in Ukrainian and foreign editions.

The Head of the Department manages the scientific and methodical center of DNU distance learning.

The Department carries out the state budget research project: "Reciprocity of the connection between dispositional traits and dynamic personality substructures and its educational and life experience" (2016–2018).

The famous graduates (and current members) of the Department are associate professors Frolova N.V., Bayer O.O., Hrysenko N.V. and Hlushko О.I. Associate professor Salyuk M.A. is a member of the General Psychology and Pathopsychology.