Версія для друку

Department of Foreign Literature

72, Gagarina Ave, room 1201/1201, Dnipro, Ukraine, 49010
Phone: +38 (056) 374-98-78
Email: kafedra_uzl@ia.ua

The Head of the Department is Professor Yelena Romanova, Doctor of Philology, Full Professor.

Academic staff:
Yelena .I. Romanova, Prof., D.Sc.
Liudmila I. Skuratovska, Prof., D.Sc.
Tetyana M. Potnitseva, Prof., D.Sc.
Viktor A. Gusev, Prof., D.Sc.
Valentyna D. Narivska, Prof., D.Sc.
Olga L. Kalashnykova, Prof., D.Sc.
Oleg V. Rodny, Prof., D.Sc.
L.A.Mironenko, Prof., D.Sc.
Svetlana A. Vatchenko, PhD, Assist.Prof.
Liudmyla P. Pryvalova, PhD, Assist.Prof.
Olga A. Voievodina, PhD, Assist.Prof.
Yevheny G. Ivantsov, PhD, Assist.Prof.
Tetiana Ye. Pichugina, PhD, Assist.Prof.
Yelena V. Maksiutenko, PhD, Assist.Prof.
Natalia I. Vlasenko, PhD, Assist.Prof.
Natalia G. Veligina, PhD, Assist.Prof.
Aleksey V. Levchenko, PhD, Assist.Prof.
G.V. Lipin, PhD, Assist.Prof.
Yevheny V. Gavrlenko, Senior Lecturer

For more than half a century, Department of Foreign Literature has been an important force in the academic study of literature and a key part of a classical education on the field of philology.

The Department teaches the majority of undergraduate students of the Faculty, graduates more than 100 majors every year, and trains PhDs in Foreign Literature, Russian Literature and Comparative Literature.

Today the Department represents a wide variety of scholarly and critical approaches to the study of European, American and Russian literature and literary history.

The Department offers an array of major and minor courses for undergraduates and PhD students, i.e.: Introduction to Ancient Greek and Roman Literature, History of European Literature, History of American Literature, History of Russian Literature, Literary Translation: Theory and Practice, Literary Theory, History of Literary Theory and Criticism, etc.