Версія для друку

Disability Accommodation and Learning

The University strives to create the most accessible, comfortable and safe environment for every student and employee, including people with special needs.
The main aspects of the accessibility of learning and accommodation for population groups with disabilities are as following:

1. Physical accessibility: specifically to ensure accessible education and living conditions for disabled people, university buildings 1, 11, and 14 and dormitory 5 are properly equipped. The conditions include ramps (building 14, dormitory 5), an external elevator (building 11), and an elevator from the ground floor (building 1).

2. Adapted living spaces: dormitory 5 provides wide corridors, rooms for wheelchairs, spacious doors, comfortable low beds, adapted bathrooms with lifting handles, specially equipped toilets, etc. On the first floor, there is a bathroom with a cabin for people with special needs and a wide door.


3. Safety: university buildings and dormitories have shelters.

4. Social integration and sports: the university provides opportunities for social interaction for all dormitory residents regardless of their characteristics. In particular, there are rooms for general meetings, training, and sports.

5. Access to free services: for all our students, including people with special needs, the university psychological service, legal clinic, centre of social initiatives and volunteering are open and free of charge. They are also welcome at the Sports Palace and the Palace of Culture of Students.