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Department of Space Information Technology

Office 45, 2nd floor of building No. 13, Dnipro National University, Naukova street 12, Dnipro city, Ukraine
SIP: +38 (056) 787-18-04
Site: http://www.dsit.space/

Acting head of Department – Dr. Tkachov Yuriy Valentynovych, PhD in engineering sciences, specialist in machine-building technologies and manufacturing of flying vehicles, composite materials, heat-protecting coating and information technologies.

In joint efforts of Noosphere Ventures USA, Inc. and Oles Honchar Dnipro National University, at the Physical and Technical Faculty the Department of Space Information Technology was established, because compliance of academic and professional competences of the alumni of educational institutions with the requirements of modern industries can be achieved only with direct participation of business in organization of the educational process.

With the support of Noosphere, in building No. 13 of DNU rooms for teachers/professors and auditoriums for lectures and practical and laboratory lessons were repaired. These auditoriums are equipped with modern computers, the broadband internet and multimedia equipment. The educational computer laboratory can provide individual workplaces for up to 10 students.

The mission of the Department of Space Information Technology is to ensure world standards of training, which will be competitive at the world market of space services.

The goal of the Department is training specialists capable of comprehensive and effective accomplishment of design and implementation of engineering systems for operation in the near-Earth space.

The educational process at the Department commenced in autumn 2016. Since 1 September 2016, according to Order No. 19 dated 01.02.2016, Yuriy Valentynovych Tkachov was appointed the acting head of the Department.

In September, 2016, the newly established Department of Space Information Technology was visited by the prominent alumnus of the University, President of Ukraine (1994-2005), Leonid Kuchma. Students showed the esteemed guest 3D modeling, satellite image processing and visualization of the data obtained from satellites.

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L. Kuchma visited the computer laboratory of the Department, where senior students and PhD students demonstrated him their own works in the field of processing of multispectral data obtained from remote sensing satellites and design solutions for new items of spacecraft.

Also the Department was visited by Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Maxym Strikha, who reviewed new achievements of students, PhD students and scientists of the University, working in the field of space technologies and robotics, and was shown samples of software packages and quadcopters for military applications.

Today five teachers/professors and a leading engineer work at the Department, of which four have the PhD degrees:
Davydova Anzhelika Volodymyrivna – associate professor, PhD in engineering sciences, an expert in physical modeling, hydrodynamics and computer aided design.
Koshulyan Oleksiy Valentynovych – associate professor, PhD in engineering sciences, an expert in data processing and information technologies, information security and nondestructive methods of testing.
Bielikov Volodymyr Viktorovych – senior teacher, an expert in space information systems, avionics and control systems.
Khashchyna Oleksandr Ivanovych – senior teacher, an expert in construction mechanics, applied mechanics, the shell theory and theory of strength.
Vilishchuk Zoia Vitaliyvna – leading engineer, PhD in engineering sciences, an expert in material studies, technologies of construction materials and methods of strengthening by heat treatment and nanomodification.

According to the educational schedule for the 2016/2017 academic year, the Department provides teaching of 25 courses. The number of students of the Physical and Technical Faculty taught by the teaching staff of the Department is 336, of which 223 are studying for the Bachelor's degree, 79 – for the qualification of specialist and 34 – for the Master's degree. The amount of educational load is 2683 hours, including 656 hours of lectures, 526 hours of practical classes and 818 hours of laboratory classes.

Practical studies with students are also carried out at the Museum of Rocket and Space Technology.

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In 2017/2018 academic year the Department plans to have its own admission of students to a Master's degree course in the "Space Information Technologies" specialization within the speciality 134 "Aviation and Space-Rocket Technology".

At the extramural branch of the PhD courses, first-year PhD student Adzhamskiy Sergiy Viktorovych is studying at the speciality 134 "Aviation and Space-Rocket Technology".

Students of the Physical and Technical Faculty actively participated in the contest for development of the logo for the Department. The winners were awarded with presents.