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Department of Plant Physiology and Introduction

Address: 49010, Dnipro, st. Kazakova, 24, building 17, 5th floor
E-mail: fr2008@ukr.net; Lykholat2006@ukr.net

The Head of the Department is Lykholat Yuriy Vasilievich, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor.
Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Higher School of Ukraine, full member of the International Academy of Bioenergy Technologies. He has awards: Medal for Faithful Service of DNU (2013), medal for 25 years of the Academy of Sciences of the Higher School of Ukraine (2017), medal for services to the City (2019).

The training process is provided by 3 Doctors of Sciences, 6 PhD Scientists:
Professor Lykholat Yuriy Vasilievich, Dr. Biol. Sciences, Prof.;  
Professor Zaytseva Iryna Oleksiivna, Dr. Biol. Sciences, Prof.;
Associate Professor (in combination) Zelenska Lyubov Ivanivna, Dr. Ped. Sciences, Prof.;
Associate Professor Yusypiva Tatyana Ivanivna, Candidate of Biol. Science, Associate Prof.;
Associate Professor Gritsaj Zoya Volodymyryvna, Candidate of Biol. Science, Associate Prof.;
Associate Professor Legostayeva Tetyana Viktorivna, Ph.D. Biol. Sciences, Associate Prof.; Associate Professor (in combination), Director of the Botanical Garden of DNU Kabar Anatoliy Mykolayovych, Candidate of Biol. Science, Associate Prof.;
Associate Professor (in combination) Kofan Irina Mykolayivna, Candidate of Biol. Science, Associate Prof.;
Assistant Professor (in combination) Alekseeva Anna Anatoliivna, Candidate of Biol. Science.

Teachers of the Department:

In the photo:
1. Associate Professor A.M. Kabar conducts excursion in the greenhouse of tropical and subtropical plants of the Botanical Garden of DNU
2. Professor I.O. Zaitseva conducts postgraduate research in plant physiology in the laboratory of the Department

Head of Department, prof. Yu.V. Lykholat and prof. I.O. Zaitseva with students at the memorial alley near the 17th corps dedicated 100th Anniversary of DNU

Education Activities

The Department is responsible for training specialists in the following specialties and educational programs:

Specialty 091 Biology
at the first (bachelor) level of higher education:
ЕP "Biodiversity and Landscape Design"
by the second (master's) higher education level:
ЕP "Biosystems and Landscape Design"
ЕP "Biology", selective block "Plant Physiology and Genetics"
at the third level of higher education (postgraduate study)
Postgraduate (Doctor of Philosophy) training:
ЕP "Biology", selective block (specialization) "Plant Physiology"

Specialty 014 Secondary Education
Specialization 014.05 Secondary Education (Biology and Human Health)
Professional Qualification: Teacher of Biology and Human Health
at the first (bachelor) level of higher education:
ЕP "Secondary Education (Biology and Human Health)"
– full term of study (4 years) – based on complete general secondary education.
– short term of study (2 years). Persons enrolled in colleges / colleges of pedagogical direction (specialties 015 Vocational education, 013 Primary education, 012 Preschool education) and have the qualification level of "junior specialist" are eligible. Admission conditions – on the site of DNU.
by the second (master's) higher education level:
ЕP "Secondary Education (Biology and Human Health)"
Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education (Biology and Human Health) and related natural sciences (1,5 years). Working school teachers who need to complete higher education in this profile, and others who wish, can enter the magistracy for the correspondence form of study.

Students – future landscape designers and phytophysiologists in practice:

In the photo:
Educational practice in the laboratory of the Research Institute of Biology

Educational practice in the botanical garden of DNU

Educational practice in the arboretum of the Ascania-Nova Reserve

Botanical Garden as a base of practice

Students of the Department of Landscape Design in the Botanical Garden of DNU

Work developments of students in landscaping design objects

Students – future biology teachers in practice:

Pedagogical practice

Student BP-16-1 Yulia Albrecht holds biology lesson in 6th grade of Ivanosky school I –III level (Petrykivsky region)

Educational practice in the specialty

Training practice at Dnipro Regional Medical Lyceum-boarding school "Dnipro" – students of gr. BP-17u, BS-17, in the center – Head of Practice Assoc. T.I. Yusypiva

Students BP-17y at laboratory work in the lyceum

Educational practice

Female student BP-17u Maria Kovalchuk conduct educational activities at the Children's Summer Camp "Children of the Dnieper" by the Dnipro City Council

Research Activities

The main directions of scientific research of the Department:
• In collaboration with researchers of the Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Plant Physiology of the Research Institute of Biology, the scientists of Department develop methods of early diagnosis and means of overcoming the negative impact of a set of anthropogenic factors on plant organisms; study of the influence of technogenic pollution on the biological mechanisms of different plant species using molecular genetic markers; creation of ecological and physiological concept of functioning of different types of plants under conditions of combined influence of stress factors of different nature; developing a system for the safe use of herbicides in crops.

• Currently research on s/b №0119U100103 "Ecological and physiological aspects of selecting an assortment of plants to the conditions of the Steppe Dnieper region" and s/b theme №1-642-19 "Designing N, O, S-containing heterocycles with involvement new catalytic systems. Experimental and theoretical research" is currently underway.

• Significant place in the scientific research of the teachers of the Department is the study of introduced plants, physiological and biochemical mechanisms of adaptive reactions to the complex effect of ecoclimatic and anthropogenic factors in the conditions of the steppe zone of Ukraine, increasing the stability of plants in adverse environmental conditions. The Department supervises the botanical garden of DNU.

•In this aspect the scope of scientific interests of the Department covers theoretical and applied issues of introduction of ornamental shrubs and flowering plants and lawns, their introduction into green construction, research of ecology, physiology and biochemistry of introductions, intraspecific variability, plant development, regenerative capacity and generative reproduction of plants.

• The results of research are being tested at scientific conferences, including foreign ones, in particular recently:
2ND International Conference „Smart Bio“ (03-05 May 2018), Kaunas, Lithuania; 3RD International Conference „Smart Bio“ (02-04 May 2019), Kaunas, Lithuania; «Joint ESENIAS and DIAS Scientific Conference and 9th ESENIAS Workshop Species, ecosystems and areas of conservation concern under threat from the invasive alien species» (03–06 September 2019, Ohrid, Republic of North Macedonia); IV International Scientific and Practical Conference «Scientific Achievements of Modern Society» (04-06 December 2019), Liverpool, Great Britаin.

• Scientific developments of the employees of the Department in the field of theory and practice of modern park-building, landscaping organization and greening of urban territories find practical implementation in cooperation with the administration and administration of City and regional self-government.

• Teachers of the Department take an active part in public activity – popularization of scientific knowledge and dissemination of scientific approaches in the issues of creation and reconstruction of green spaces on the territory of the City, with which they have repeatedly acted in the media; as experts participate in public hearings on these issues, in particular when discussing the reconstruction of the park area and the square near the monument to TG Shevchenko on Monastyrsky Island (Prof. Zaitseva I.O). Associate Professor Kabar A.M. is a member of the Public Steering Committee of the Commission on the Determination of the State of Green Area to be Removed in Dnipro City.