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Department of Experimental and Metal Physics

 Head of the department – Bashev Valerii Fedorovych, DSc of physics mathematics sciences, professor.
There are 13 instructors among whom there are 4 professors and 9 associate professors work at the department.
Basic scientific directions of the department: study of physical conformities to the law of super-high-speed temper from a liquid and vapour on the forming of the amorphous and nano-crystal states in alloys on the basis of transitional and refractory metals, with anomalous high physical chemical properties; highly effective processes of electrolysis for strengthening of surfaces of machines and mechanisms, new processes of chemical thermal treatment; development and creation of new composite materials with improved operating indexes; development of modern methods and programs of computer design of physical processes of crystallization and growth of alloys and their use in study of physical materials dealing with superficial phenomena and initial stages of crystallization.