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Department of Earth Sciences

The Head of the Department is Natalia Petrivna Sherstyuk, Doctor of Geography Sciences, Professor.

Teaching staff of the Department:
Sherstyuk Natalia Petrivna, Head of the Department, Dr. of Geography Sciences, Professor.
Yevgrashkina Galina Petrivna, Dr. of Geology Sciences, Professor.
Mokrytska Tatyana Petrivna, Dr. of Geology Sciences, Associate Professor.
Maniuk Volodymyr Vasyliovych, Candidate of Geography Sciences, Associate Professor.
Serdyuk Svetlana Nikolaevna, Candidate of Biology Sciences, Associate Professor.
Bondar Olesya Victorivna, Candidate of Geological Sciences, Associate Professor.
Dovganenko Denis Alexandrovich, Candidate of Geography Sciences.

Educational Activities

The Department carries out training of specialists in the following specialties:
Bachelor: 103 Earth Sciences
Master's Degree: 103 Earth sciences: educational program "Hydrology", educational program "Hydrogeology and engineering geology"
Doctor of Philosophy: 103 Earth Sciences

Students of the Department undergo practical training during general geographic, geological, inter-zonal, and assistant practice at the bases of the international research biosphere permanent establishment of DNU in the village Andriivka, Biosphere and Natural Reserves of Ukraine, Regional Hydrometeorological Centers etc. Industrial practices are carried out at industrial sites of the region. Practices are united by the general concept of cross-cutting professional training, which is aimed at mastering the skills of practical work. During summer training, students attend and study the peculiarities of hydro-geological processes not only in the territory of Ukraine, but also in the neighboring countries (Poland).

Graduates of the Department work in positions: geologist-shooter, petrographist, mineralogist, geochemist, geologist, hydrogeologist, engineer hydrologist, hydrologist, hydrographer. The PhD degree allows graduates to work as teachers in higher education institutions in Ukraine and in the world.

Scientific Activities

The teaching staff of the Department carries out scientific researches within the framework of various state budget subjects and cooperates with leading scientific institutions of Ukraine and foreign countries, maintains close relations with the national universities of Ukraine, the Dnipro-Orilsky Nature Reserve, the Institute of Natural Resources and Environmental Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the institute "Dniprovgradhoz", the Institute "Dnipro DINPTR"-DF "UkrNTIINTV", environmental organizations of the region and organizations that solve the applied issues of the diet nature conservation.

Teachers of the Department are members of international scientific communities:
Associate professor V.V. Manyuk is a full member of ProGEO's European Geological Survey Conservation Association and associate professor. T.P. Mokritska is a member of the International Association for Engineering Geology IAEG.

All scientific achievements of the scientific and pedagogical staff of the Department are recognized not only at the national but also international level. This is ensured by the fact that the results of scientific research of employees are published in the leading editions of the world. Such scientific publications also include the Journal of Geology, Geography and Geoecology, which is edited under the direction of Associate Professor V. Manyuk.