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Department of Radioelectronic Automation

Phone: +38(056)766-49-88
Web: https://fti.dp.ua/drea/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rea.ftf.dnu/
E-mail: rea.ftf@gmail.com

The Head of the Department is Doctor of Science, professor Valentyn Pavlovych Malaychuk.

Education is provided by 3 professors, 6 docents, 3 senior lecturers.

The Department forms specialists with bachelor’s degree on area «125 Cybersecurity» in the science branch «12 Information Technology», as well as specialists with bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and Doctor of Philosophy degree on area «151 Automation and computer-integrated technologies» in the science branch «151 Automation and Instrumentation».

Main areas of science researches:
- automation of objects, systems and technologies;
- information technologies of cybernetic means and systems;
- information sources, means and systems for information processing;
- development of methods and means for measurement that are sources of information in control and monitoring processes;
- development and analysis of automatic control systems and systems for monitoring of complex technical objects;
- information and measurement technology for nondestructive testing;
- development and analysis of algorithms for processing of measurement data and nondestructive test signals;
- development of hardware and methods for nondestructive testing.

There are «Cybersecurity» and «Automation and computer-integrated technologies» educational laboratories at the Department.