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Department of Mechanotronics

Phone: +38 (056) 373-12-60

The Head of the Department is Sergey Alekseyenko, Doctor of Science, Associate Professor.

Courses provide 3 full professors, 5 associate professors, 1 senior lecturer.

Teaching Staff:
Sokol G.I. – Doctor of Science, Full Professor,
Sheptun Y.D. – Doctor of Science, Full Professor,
Poshivalov V.P. – Doctor of Science, Full Professor,
Aschepkova N.S. – Ph.D., Associate Professor,
Dudnikov V.S. – Ph.D., Associate Professor,
Manoylenko O.A. – Ph.D., Associate Professor,
Yushkevich E.P. – Ph.D., Associate Professor,
Tarasenko Y.V. – Senior Lecturer.

Our stimulating Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering BEng degree programme combines mechanical, computer, and electronic and electrical engineering to address the challenges of designing and deploying intelligent technologies. You will gain strong theoretical and practical skills and collaborate with global experts.



Our students during laboratory classes

Experimental studies in the wind tunnel and the results of calculation of flow-field around a drone