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Department of Geobotany, Soil Science and Ecology

Address: 24 Kazakova Str., build. 17, Dnipro, Ukraine
Phone: +3 (056) 776-58-27
E-mail: bggdnu@i.ua

The Head of the Department is Gorban Vadym, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor.

The Department of Geobotany, Soil Science and Ecology Dnipropetrovsk National University was established in 1933 at a Natural Faculty. The idea was initiated by such Ukrainian scientists as: D.D. Svirenko and G.N. Vysotskiy (Academicians) and O.L. Belgard (Professor).

Lectures are delivered by:
– Candidates of Biological Sciences, Associate Professors: V.A. Gorban, A.O. Dubina, O.M. Masiuk, O.I. Lisovets, V.M. Yakovenko, M.S. Yakuba, O.V. Kotovych.

The Department trains specialists in such specialized areas as: Bachelor – "Biology" and "Ecology"; Master – "Biology" and "Ecology''.

Majors are as follows:
Botanics. Soil Science. Ecology, Geobotanics, Geography of Plants and Soils.

Main subjects of the specialized area:
Steppe Forest Ecology. Ecology of Plants and Soils, Floristic Plant Geography, Ecological Flora of Ukraine. Reclamation Science. Phytoindication and Phytomelioration. Protection of Flora. Soil and Geobotanical Mapping with Land Use Foundations.

Both laboratory and practical training is supported by laboratories of Morphology and Plant Systematics, Soil Chemistry, Soil Physics, Spectral Analysis, and Thin Section Tests established at the Department. Herbarium is also available.

As a rule, students are in their training within Prysamarya International Biospheric Observation Station being one of Ukrainian centers to investigate steppe ecosystem and general ecology. It is a part of a network of ecologic observation stations of Ukraine and UNESCO; it has its own scientific and educational laboratories. The observation station is the base for various
international and national conferences and symposia.

Major fields of research:
The Department of Geobotany, Soil Science and Ecology of DNU is a research centre of environmental, geobotanical, forest science and land reclamation problems. Priorities of the Department are:
– Measures to protect, rehabilitate, use rationally, and optimize forest ecosystems within land disturbed by mining;
– The development of environmental foundations to regenerate and originate protective forests in the context of steppe;
– Preservation of biodiversity as well as formation of ecological network of Steppe Prydniprovya through forestation of poor land and technologically contaminated land.

The Department publishes two sicentomentriacal journals: "Ecology and Noospherology" and "Fundamental and Applied Soil Science" as well as such professional scientific collection as "Problems of Steppe Forest Science and Forest Land Reclamation".