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Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance

Address: Dnipro, 35, D. Yavornytskiy avenue, DNU building 5, room 73, 74
Phone: +38 (056) 766-49-39, +38 (056) 372-58-77
E-mail: ei@ef.dnulive.dp.ua, ecb75@ukr.net

The Head of the Department is Shevtsova Olena, Doctor of Sciences in Economics, Professor.

The Department has 17 teachers, including 3 doctors of economic sciences and professors, 14 PhD.

 Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance is a graduate chair by specialty 072 Finance, Banking and Insurance of Bachelor and Master educational qualification with high residence education, law residence education and night school classes. 

Practical preparation is an integral part of the educational process students. Beginning in the third year, all students pass industrial, undergraduate and management practice in institutions, banks, organizations, public authorities and enterprises of various forms property and management. Teachers of the department always help students in choosing a practice location.

[Production Practice Specialty 072 «Finance, Banking and Insurance»]

The main areas of research: financial regulation mechanism of the real economy of Ukraine; theoretical and methodological foundations of innovation aimed on improving the financial infrastructure of Ukraine; financial mechanism for the implementation of the financial policy of Ukraine; anti crisis management of the financial infrastructure stabilizing in the national economy; the strategic components of financial stability and security of the banking system and financial markets in Ukraine; the financial and credit mechanisms of convergent model of regional development in the transformation of the economic banking and non-banking sectors.