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Department of Biochemistry and Physiology

Address: Dnipro city, Kazakova str., 24, building №17, 4th floor
Phone: +38 (056) 776-58-70
E-mail: biochemistry@i.ua
Department site: www.biochemistry-dnu.dp.ua

The Head of the Department is Ushakova Galyna Olexandrivna, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor.

The Staff of the Department:
3 professors, Dr. Sci. Biol. – Ushakova Galyna Oleksandrivna, Dr. Sci. Biol. – Lyashenko Valentina Petrivna, Dr. Sci. Biol. – Severinovska Olena Viktorivna;
6 associate professors, Ph. D. – Gorila Maryna Vyacheslavivna, Diomshina Olga Olexandrivna, Kyrychenko Svitlana Vasylivna, Skoryk Olena Denisivna, Kofan Iryna Mykolayivna, Khomenko Olena Mykolayivna;
head of the laboratory of the Department – Shcherbina Tetyana Volodymirivna.

Educational process at the Chair of Biophysics an Biochemistry

The Department provides the educational process of bachelor's-biologists – specialty 091 Biology (Biochemistry&Physiology), masters (Biochemistry&Physiology), as well as specialists of higher education – post-graduate and doctoral studies in specialty 091 Biology.

Basic (profiling) Courses: Biochemistry. Biophysics. Bioorganic Chemistry. Biotechnology. Neurochemistry. Immunochemistry. Immunology. Molecular Biology. Biologically active substances. Biochemistry of pathological processes.

Main Courses of Specialization: Environmental biochemistry. Genetic Engineering . Radiation biochemistry. Clinical Biochemistry. Regulation of metabolism. Intercellular regulation. Secondary metabolism. Biochemistry of carcinogenesis. Biochemistry xenobiotics. Membranology.

Educational process at the Chair of Biophysics an Biochemistry

Scientific Research:
The scientific research of the Department is aimed at studying of molecular-biochemical and physiological mechanisms of learning, memory, aging, adaptation of neurons and glial cells of the brain to stressogenic factors and pathogenesis. Studies of kidneys, liver, pancreas, system of red blood and bone marrow under the influence of xenobiotics and in condition of pathological process development are conducted.

Educational process at the Chair of Biophysics an Biochemistry

International Projects and Grants:
- The agreement on cooperation between Oles Honchar DNU and the Faculty of Biology of Lund University (Sweden);
- Grant to Professor V.S. Nedzvetsky for an internship at Bingol University (Bingol, Turkey) for the period 2015-2018;
- Grant to Professor G.O. Ushakova, associate professor Yu.S. Voronkova, employments of the Research Laboratory of Biochemistry of the Research Institute of Biology – Ya. Babetz, O. Dovban, D. Muravyova, students of the 3rd year – V. Zhovannik, P. Otryazhii and A. Semenko for internship at the University of Warsaw (Poland) for the PolLASA training course in the framework of the cooperation agreement between Oles Honchar DNU and Lund University (Sweden) for the period 2016-2017;
- Participation of Assoc. prof. Yu.S. Voronkova in the international project “Study of new milk formulas and devices on the model of an early pig providing proper absorption of PUFA and development of the brain in premature infants” in the framework of the cooperation agreement between Oles Honchar DNU and Lund University on the basis of the Jan Kelanowski Institute of physiology and nutrition of Polish Academy of Sciences (Jablonna, Poland);
- Grant to Professor G.O. Ushakova for conducting the lectures at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark (2008);
- Participation of Professor G.O. Ushakova in March 2017 in a seminar on the development of a curriculum in (bio) Chemistry under the Erasmus+ program within the framework of the project “Structuring joint work in postgraduate studies, teaching universal skills and academic writing at the regional level of Ukraine” (Vilnius, Lithuania).

Educational process at the Chair of Biophysics an Biochemistry

Also Department maintains close ties with the University of Copenhagen (Denmark), the International Center for Scientific Research (Leipzig, Germany), Firat University (Turkey).

In May 2016, Department of Biochemistry and Physiology has been beginning international cooperation with the Ben-Gurion University (Israel). During 2016-2017 PhD, Assoc. of the Department of anesthesiology and critical protection this University Boyko Matthew has been visiting at the Department. He has done cycle of lectures for DNU teachers, graduate students and students.

The Department of Biochemistry and Physiology has a huge supply of highly skilled specialists. During the training our students pass production and Pre-Diploma Practice in clinical diagnostic laboratories InVitro, Sinevo, Immuno-Test, in laboratories of different institutions of the city and region, in scientific research institutes of Ukraine.

Postgraduates and lecturers regularly show high results by taking part in International scientific conferences, congresses and contests. Students are members of the Ukrainian Biochemical and Physiological Society, take part in All-Ukrainian and international contests and conferences, take active part in scientific schools, become the prize-winners of the Olympiads and award diplomas of degrees I-III for the best reports at congresses and symposiums.

A significant part of the graduates of the Department received scientific degrees and occupy key positions in foreign and domestic research and educational institutions, as well as in many countries of the near and far abroad countries (Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Sweden, France, China, Spain, USA).