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On April 21, 2018 the Faculty of Applied Mathematics of Oles Honchar Dnipro National University held the 1-st Stage of All-Ukrainian Collegiate Programming Contest (AUCPC) which is 1/8 of the ACM ICPC Worlds Final.

60 teams from 9 universities and 2 high schools took part in the Contest.

The ceremonial opening began with the words of greeting by Yaanika Merilo, the deputy mayor of Dnipro. The participants were also warmly welcome by Eugene Gostishchev, the director of IT-Dnipro community.

Then the audience was carried away by the speech of Andrey Dereza, the former graduate of the faculty, who was many times a winner of high school and university programming contests. Presently, Andrey Dereza is the head of the R&D center of the company DataArt in Dnipro.

Oleksander Khyzha, the AUCPC coordinator in the Central region of Ukraine, spoke about the rules of the contest and answered the questions.

The Contest is preceded by casting of lots: all the teams must be in equal conditions during the contest.

The Contest has begun. It will last for 5 (!) hours. By the Rules, each team of three students is given one (!) computer.

It proves an extra difficulty in problems solving and programs writing.

Traditionally, the Contest holds in buildings of Oles Honchar Dnipro University and Lyceum of Informational Technologies at DNU.

Any contest comes to its end. In our case, its the Ceremonial closing.

The intrigue is kept till the awarding ceremony: who is the winner? As a matter of fact, by the Rules of the Contest, the table of the results does not show the names of the teams, only logins till the very end.

Deputy mayor Yaanika Merilo says words of appreciation to the contestants and their coaches.

IT companies representatives are looking forward to showing their presents.

Who are the winners?

The awarding ceremony starts with the schoolchildren. They have a standalone participation, but their results are often as high as the students ones. Childrens prizes are sweet. In the very sense of the word. Tasty tarts are given by the company DataArt. Students and coaches are given adult gifts from IT-Dnipro community by Eugen Gostishchev.

Companies Ruby Garage, AMC Bridge, SiteCore, DataArt, SoftServe and ISD are the members of IT-Dnipro community.

This is how the Victory looks) The 1-st place winner occurs to be the team DNU_Ducks, Oles Honchar Dnipro National University (right to left): Eugenia Kryshchyk, Volodymyr Sharavara, Andrij Selivanov, Oleksandr Khyzha (coach).

All tde Winners
Place in Dnipro RegionPlace in Central Region of UkraineTeamUniversityProblems solvedPenalty
11DNU_DucksOles Hochar Dnipro National University131126
22DNU_47td_BitOles Hochar Dnipro National University111064
35NMU_SPQRNational Mining University8681
36DNU_DodgerOles Hochar Dnipro National University8816
37DNU_QuantumOles Hochar Dnipro National University8895

Standalone Winners
PlacePlace in Central RegionTeamProblems solvedPenaltyHigh school
11s_LITDNU_Runners121352Lyceum of informational technologies at Oles Honchar Dnipro National University
22s_LITDNU_StartUp10752Lyceum of informational technologies at Oles Honchar Dnipro National University
33s_DRPML_CodersInLow9509Dnipropetrovsk Regional Physics and Matdematics Lyceum

Contestants were given 14 problems

The table of teams results for the Central region of Ukraine can be found on DNU site and on the site of ACM ICPC.

Normative and methodical AUCPC materials can be found on the site of AUCPC.

Yaanika Merilo closes the ceremony and says her parting wishes.

We are looking forward to seeing you in the 2-nd stage of the Olympiad which will take part on 14-16 of September 2018.

Meeting place cannot be changed)

By Oleksandr Khyzha and Valeria Gunkina (photo)

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