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European Diploma for Students of Faculty of Applied Mathematics

In late April regular meeting of competition commission on study selection by the program of two diplomas took place. It was held between Oles Honchar Dnipro National University and French University du Maine.

During the interview four students of various faculties and magistracy specialties have got recommendations for study by the program of two diplomas. Among them there were Pavel Andriyash, Dmytro Basan, Alexandr Khokhlov (specialty Applied Mathematics, educational program "Computer science"), Serhiy Matviyenko (specialty Systematic analysis, educational program "Systematic analysis").

The seventh consecutive year the program of two diplomas between the Faculty of Applied Mathematics of DNU and Faculty of Science and Technologies of University du Maine has been in operation. The program has been developed under the agreement of partnership and cooperation between Oles Honchar Dnipro National University and University du Maine (city Le Mans in France). Students-participants of the program of two diplomas get such opportunities:

- free study during the academic year in University du Maine, presentation of diploma with common concern under management of Ukrainian and French specialists;

- possession of the newest information technologies of software development, artificial intelligence, intellectual analysis of data;

- receipt of two diplomas: Ukrainian and French, which are recognized in all the countries of the European Union;

- passage of professional practical work at IT-industry enterprises of countries of the European Union and Ukraine;

- assistance of University du Maine in receipt of scholarships of Laura Region, France government etc. (During the study almost all the students in France have got one or another variant of scholarship);

- during the study students use all the rights and benefits of French students;

- the right to take part in summer preparatory language course, because stay in France during academic year significantly promote French language learning.

In the whole, for 7 years of program existence fifteen students have got two diplomas. They all work in IT-industry in countries of European Union. Nowadays another student of Applied Mathematics Faculty Maria Prostyak (speciality Applied Mathematics, educational program "Computer studies") studies by this program in University du Maine.

Notably, participants of the program of two diplomas in common rating of Ukrainian and French students always rank the first half of the list. The participants are the students of Applied Mathematics Faculty. Some of them ranked the first or the second positions.

Enrolment in the program is carried out on a competitive basis. Graduates, who have bachelor's degree, successfully passed entrance examinations to the magistracy of any specialty of Applied Mathematics Faculty and were interviewed, can take part in competition. The task of interview is testing of knowledge level, skills and abilities of applicant, identification of his or her scientific-technical erudition.

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