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Academic Mobility ERASMUS+ at French Department of DNU

Professor Jean-Paul Meyer with the course of lectures for students of French Department has been several days in Oles Honchar Dnipro National University.

Professor Meyer gave lectures "What kind of grammar to teach. From phrase to expression», «Semiology, semantics and the methodology: link between the text and the picture», «Link between the text and the picture in graphic composition (album, illustrated novel, comics)».

Except this, French professor have met with Oleksandr Kochubei, the first vice-rector of DNU, and Irina Popova, the dean of Faculty of Ukrainian and Foreign Philology and Study of Arts.

Professor came for the invitation of Romance Philology Department under the treaty ERASMUS, which was signed between DNU and University of Strasbourg (France). The treaty stipulates exchange of teachers and students. In November, 2017, the first session of academic mobility between teachers and students took place. M. Shevchenko, associate professor of Romance Philology Department visited university-partner and gave the course of lectures for French students-philologists of Strasbourg University. DNU also directed to Strasbourg five students of French Department of Faculty of Ukrainian and Foreign Philology and Study of Arts for study.

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