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The professor of University of Utah lectured on discipline Indian Philosophy

Ravi Mohan Gupta, American doctor of Indology visited Oles Honchar Dnipro National University. The professor lectured on topic devoted to the publication of his monograph in Ukraine The Chaitanya Vaishnava Vedanta of Jīva Gosvāmī: when knowledge meets devotion.

Ravi Mohan Gupta is the doctor of philosophy studies, the professor of Religious Studies Department of Charles Red University and the leader of religious program in University of Utah. Nowadays the professor is ex-President of the Society for Hindu-Christian studies and co-Director of research project Bhāgavata-Purāna within the Oxford Research Centre of Hinduism. He teaches Sanskrit in Bhaktivedanta College and he is considered to be the author of five books and a lot of articles.

The arrival of famous researcher to our city is mutual initiative of Oles Honchar Dnipro National University and International Religious School of Vaishnavism studies Vaishnava tradition through the centuries by which was made the first translation of Guptas book to Ukrainian language.

Victor Okorokov, the head of Philosophy Department explained: The book is devoted to the combination of traditions and modernity, science and spirituality, warmth and intellectuality. It will be useful to listen for students, who study all the world religious traditions, including Vaishnavism.

Ravi Mohan Gupta commented his thoughts: I didnt dream about translation of my book to Ukrainian. One day I was very surprised to get e-mail about it. He added: I have the conviction (and I teach it American students) that first and foremost, the purpose of the university should be the creation of universal living beings; education promotes not only the building of successful career, but forms integrated personality.

The research of professor is devoted to JīvaGosvāmī, one if the prominent Indian theologians of the 16th century. The author sequentially demonstrates JīvaGosvāmīs interpretation of main vedantists statements with prospects of Bhāgavata-Purāna one of the greatest texts of Indian civilization.

Ravi Mohan Gupta lectured on topic Tradition and modernity as the unity of warmth and intellectuality for students of Dnipro. Also he presented this lecture in Indian Embassy in Ukraine, in Kyiv.


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