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The European colleagues are interested in research of our scientists and physicists

For the Physical-Technical Faculty of the Dnipropetrovsk National University the cooperation with scientists of France promises to be the next step in the development of scientific direction "Simulation of electromagnetic processes in conductor environment." This summer, Professor of Department of Computer Aided Management Mr. Sergiy Zirka visited the Laboratory of Electrical Engineering of the University of Artois (Bethune, France) by the invitation of French colleagues.

Among the wide range of research, conducted in the Dnipropetrovsk National University, one can identify a number of areas in which our university scientists are among the world leaders. One of these areas is the modeling of electromagnetic processes in electrical steel and equipment containing these materials, primarily - in power transformers. The leading experts in this area are: professor of Dnipropetrovsk Sergiy Evgenovich Zirka and Associate Professor Yuriy Moroz. Recognized in the world is a rich scientific and practical achievement obtained by these scientists in the field of modeling processes of conducting ferromagnetic environment. Widely known is their joint publications with scientists from the UK, USA, Canada, Belgium, Japan, Germany and Poland. Modeling of processes in transformers devoted to the work published by experts from Italy and Norway. Our scientists are members of international conferences, authors and reviewers of several articles in journals such as IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, Journal of Applied Physics, JMMM and other recognized publications.

Picture: prof. Sergiy Zirka in electrical engineering laboratory of the University of Artois (Bethune, France)

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