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Start of enrollment campaign

During the first four days the Admissions Committee of Dnipropetrovsk National University received 8814 applications from applicants for admission to undergraduate courses, including 5483 of them in electronic form via e-mail.
"The first electronic application arrived to university on July 11th in 0 hours 2 minutes - said at press conference, Rector of National University, Professor Mykola Polyakov. - The applicant has chosen the area of training "Philology (Ukrainian Language and Literature)." It should be noted that the system of "National electronic database of state education", launched by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, and direct electronic procedure for applications is constantly improving, the University established a special group for data entry to electronic database of state education and now applicants can monitor the competitive situation not only on the "Competition" web-site, but also using the web-site of DNU." According to the information published by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine currently DNU ranks third in the ranking of universities by the number of applications (for education and qualification of junior specialist, bachelor, specialist and master). Admissions Committee of DNU received 13 774 applications. There are only two Universities ahead of DNU. Those are Kyiv National University (23,564 applications) and Lviv National University (15 756 applications).
Also, Mr. Polyakov said that the university creates favorable conditions for students from Donetsk and Lugansk regions. In particular, the University provided over three hundred rooms in dormitories of DNU to settle graduates who passed additional session of independent school testing in our area. Now they got results and stay in the dorms at DNU for the further procedure of application. Executive Secretary of the Admissions Committee of National University, Professor Alexander Haminich noted the ongoing procedures of university students from Crimea, who completed the school year and the new year will start at DNU. "Also we note that in our universities today there is a large number of applications from bachelors who have graduated from university of Donetsk and Lugansk regions who want to get an education for the Bachelor and Master in the Dnipropetrovsk region," - said Mr. Haminich.
Rating list of applicants from the basic and full secondary education, indicating recommended for admission to the free of charge education by public order, is announced on August, 2nd. The first term for choosing the place of entering ends on August, 4th. Updated list of recommended enrollment is announced on August, 5th. The second period ends on August, 7th, and an updated list of recommended enrollment is announced on August, 8th. The third period ends on August, 10th. Admission of applicants to full-time education from the basic and full secondary education takes place: the public order - August, 11th; at the expense of personal and legal persons - no later than August, 18th.

Today DNU offers applicants 68 directions of preparation for the qualification of "bachelor" and 87 - by level of "expert" and "master."

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